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Jenny Oatey, Owner

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. Living in Santa Cruz allows me to fully understand and appreciate the culture, lifestyle, and vibe that is the essence of why people live here in the first place. Additionally, my father was a contractor who brought me into the world of materials and architectural design. He helped me to understand the underlying importance and overall philosophy towards maximize essential living space. Through my father’s vision, I developed a keen eye for detail and appreciated all aspects of design.



My vision


Interior Design

My work with a client on interior design is a collaborative process that is built on trust, and understanding the client’s life-style and philosophy on life. This allows for the freedom of expression to ultimately create a design that follows the integrity of the existing home, incorporates natural materials, proper color pallet, and Feng Shui to create the ultimate, soothing, natural-flowing living space. While I keep up with trends, we must also recognize that trends change and evolve over time, and that is why my focus is on creating a living space that is timeless, functional, and beautiful for years to come.


Graphic Design & Outdoor Comforts

My professional occupations have always focused on enhancing people’s lives through the art of design, as both graphic designer and landscape architect. Having a keen eye for detail, color, materials, Feng Shui, and a deep understanding of the Santa Cruz life-style allowed me to seamlessly move into the area of interior design, an area where I am able to have even more impact enhancing people’s lives.

I hired Jenny to do the logo and she was exceptional, easy to work with, and translated my ideas into a logo that was sensational and something we can use for years to come.
— Michael Allen, Director, Pleasure Point Surf Club


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